Getting a Harrier puppy from Wynfield Hounds

We take great pride in the puppies we raise at Wynfield. Our litters are carefully planned and we hope to produce sound, healthy Harriers that are good looking and will become great family companions as well as excelling in the performance or show rings. We are Code of Ethics breeders through the Harrier Club of America. Our breeding program is small, we generally average 1-2 litters per year. We only breed when we are planning to keep a puppy ourselves to continue our lines. We have high standards for our prospective puppy homes, we hope that you have the same from your breeder, whether it be us or any other breeder.

The first step is to contact us and ask for our questionnaire. We will mail this to you and ask that you fill it out and return it to us. Our goal is to ensure that our puppies are going to homes that will love and appreciate them their whole lives. Part of this involves ensuring that a Harrier is the right match for your family, but the questionnaire, along with our conversations with you, will allow us to select the puppy with the right temperament and structure for your needs. It is important to us that you take your time in filling out the application and email us with any questions.

All of our pet puppies are sold on AKC Limited Registrations and with spay/neuter requirements. We also require that health checks are performed on every puppy we produce. For the puppy buyer, this means having hips and elbows xrayed at age 2 and those xrays submitted to OFA for evaluation. We also require that all puppies sold receive a CERF eye exam at age 2 and the paperwork submitted to CERF. If needed, we will help our buyers find vets in their area that are experienced in taking OFA xrays and to find a CERF certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist in their area. For information on show or performance prospect puppies, please email Ellen.

Our puppies will have been regularly dewormed, had their first vaccines, be vet-checked and have an identification microchip implanted before they leave here. We will provide a puppy-sized crate and a package of information on many aspects of raising, training and living with dogs.

Prospective owners are welcome to come visit the puppies after 5 weeks of age, if you live in the area. We will create a web page for each litter and update it regularly so everyone can see the progress of the litter. The puppies will be independently evaluated for both temperament and structure by about 8 weeks of age. It will only be after these evaluations are done that we will be able to begin matching puppies with owners. We do keep a waiting list, however, there is no way we can absolutely guarantee that we will be able to place a puppy with you from a particular litter. It is of primary importance to us that the right puppies get placed in the right homes. Each puppy is an individual and will have different needs.

For a number of reasons, our preference is that you come to Wynfield to pick up your puppy. Airline travel is reasonably safe, but nonetheless we would prefer to avoid it wherever possible and it will be a rare case where we ship a puppy. We ask that buyers that cannot drive to get their puppy to fly out and pick up the puppy. That way, the puppy can fly back with you in the cabin, a much safer alternative. We will do everything we can to accommodate schedules for new owners who fly here.

We will be available for support, help, and advice throughout the life of your dog. We love and appreciate updates/stories and photos through the years. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.